About Premium Guitar Backing Tracks Licensing:

Your Premium Guitar Backing Tracks license can be summarized by the following:

What You CAN Do with Royalty Free Premium Guitar Backing Tracks:

 You may sell, distribute, or perform to paid audiences and clients as long as you have added your own musical, vocal, or video content to the backing tracks themselves.

These tracks can be used in your music albums/CDS/demos (both commercial or private), music videos, home movies, software, online games, podcasts, live performances, school talent shows, TV or radio advertisements or simply use at home for practice.

There is no royalty obligation to Premium Guitar Backing Tracks whatsoever for all of the above use. Only the original purchaser may use the backing tracks. 

What You CANNOT Do with Premium Guitar Backing Tracks:

    YOU CANNOT: Re-sell, re-license or claim copyright on the backing tracks in their original form. All Premium Guitar Backing Tracks must be combined with something else (your music, vocal, video) before you can sell or distribute them to the public. While it's ok for you to use a backing track In general, Please DO NOT attempt to copyright your musical material where a Premium Guitar Backing Track was used. 
   YOU CANNOT: Copy the unaltered tracks to CD's for resale/redistribution, post unaltered tracks online for download, or in any way distribute, give away, offer, or sell the backing tracks "as is" (that is, with no additional musical/video element added to the backing tracks themselves). Premium Guitar Backing Tracks are not available to buy from anywhere except through authorized digital sellers on this site (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp etc.)

When you buy Premium Guitar Backing Tracks, you are not, in any way, shape or form, buying ownership or copyright of the backing tracks - you are buying a LICENSE to use the backing tracks with your music (your Guitar solos/Vocals/Keyboards/Sound Effects, Videos etc.). This license grants you the use of Premium Guitar Backing Tracks in your own recorded works/videos, for home or commercial use with no royalty obligation. However, you cannot truly only a track even if you have added your own material to it. 

*A note about uploading to YouTube and other online media sites after January 2019: When using these backing tracks in accordance to the above rules (adding your own guitar solos, vocals, video etc. to the tracks), there are no issues with monetization/copyright for over 99% of these tracks. Tracks with your modified material added should be allowed to be uploaded without issue. However, due to sites like YouTube's ever changing rules, as well as occasional Adpocalypse Demonetizations, re-used material algorithm flaggings, nonsense account strikes etc., it unfortunately cannot be guaranteed that all of the tracks will be free of such issues at anytime in the future. This would primarily affect videos that use these tracks strictly as unaltered background music.  HOWEVER, As of now, there are no major issues, and most of the tracks can be used without incident, but please keep this in mind. Online media sites change their rules without much warning. Any updates on this subject will be posted below if anything comes up. 

*May 24, 2019 - I received a message that the track "Key of E Classic Rock" from the 66 Ultimate Rock Metal Blues Backing Track release may cause a copyright notice on YouTube. The reason is not clear, but please be aware of it. 

Thank you!
Steve Stell, Guitarist
Premium Guitar Backing Tracks
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