About Premium Guitar Backing Tracks Licensing:

Your Premium Guitar Backing Tracks license can be summarized by the following:

What You CAN Do with Royalty Free Premium Guitar Backing Tracks:

 You may sell, distribute, or perform to paid audiences and clients as long as you have added your own musical, vocal, or video content to the backing tracks themselves.

Use in your music albums/CDS/demos (both commercial or private), Youtube style videos, home movies, software, online games, podcasts, live performances, school talent shows, TV or radio advertisements, simple use at home for practice.

There is no royalty obligation to Premium Guitar Backing Tracks whatsoever for all of the above use.

  NOTE: If you wish to re-package the backing tracks themselves without your added musical content, please email first. Examples of this would be using the tracks on their own for profit guitar/teaching related websites, Physical CD copy for profit duplication/distribution of the backing tracks themselves, etc.

What You CANNOT Do with Premium Guitar Backing Tracks:

    Re-sell or re-license the backing tracks on their own. All Premium Guitar Backing Tracks must be combined with something else (your music, vocal, video) before you can sell or distribute them to the public.
   Copy to CD's for resale/redistribution, post online for download or in any way distribute, give away, offer, or sell the backing tracks"as is" (that is, with no musical/video element added to the backing tracks themselves)

 Only the original purchaser may use the backing tracks. Please purchase Premium Guitar Backing Tracks from an official retailer like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody etc. Click here to buy the tracks legally.
When you buy Premium Guitar Backing Tracks, you are not, in any way, shape or form, buying ownership of the backing tracks - you are buying a LICENSE to use the backing tracks with your music (your Guitar solos/Vocals/Keyboards/Sound Effects, Videos etc.). Premium Guitar Backing Tracks will always remain the copyright holder and owner of the backing tracks themselves.

Again, this license grants you the use of Premium Guitar Backing Tracks in your own recorded works/videos, for home or commercial use with no royalty obligation to me whatsoever.

Thank you!
Steve Stell, Guitarist
Premium Guitar Backing Tracks
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